Our current situation is unique and has left us in a constant state of change. In addition, many facets of our lives are now being conducted in new and ever-changing ways. It’s frustrating, but at the same time it’s allowing us the opportunity to learn new skills and hopefully come out on the other side a more resilient human.

Working out, for instance, has become an activity you’re either doing outside or in your living room with your family. It is forcing people to come up with ways to workout wihtout the luxury of gym equipment — or in our case, stairs and open fields with gorgeous views of the ocean.

I’ve really become enamored with the way people are making the best of all of this. Today, we had 24 people show up to our Zoom workout, and although we are by no means stressing over the numbers, it’s nice to know more people are becoming comfortable utilizing this medium.

Thanks Elise for the pretty presentation; Matt’s has horrible chicken scratch

If you’re someone who thinks you can’t get a good workout in your living room with little space and no weights, well think again: Today we had a Deck of Cards workout that left many of us fatigued and doused in sweat.

The workout had four main exercises –lunges, SQUATS, walk-outs with a push-up, and crab reaches — and as is the case when we do a deck of cards workout, it seems like we get the same exercise repeatedly. Today, that meant LOTS of squatting, whether in a modified version or strictly body weight. Sorry, we’re not sorry. He he.

Balancing – in our workouts and our busy lives

Like Elin said last week, each of us is dealing with something unique, so we don’t blame anyone for not showing up on Wednesday mornings. But as we’ve seen, with each passing week more people are realizing that by clicking on the Zoom link, you can connect with the community and get an intense workout — with LOTS OF SQUATTING!

Group Photo

Thanks to everyone who makes this community what it is.
Until next week!!

Deck Of Many Squats

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