Today we celebrated our two year anniversary workout from when Matt West first started this crazy free fitness group on January 3rd, 2018. It was 8 degrees out and 8 MPH winds with snow on the ground. It was crazy and wonderful. He kept at it with a few people joining him from time to time.

He gave birth to Plymouth Movez

What you don’t know is I saw his post on Instagram about it and knew I would have to make time to check it out. I found Matt’s Facebook page and messaged him on January 8th 2018 that I would be coming to check it out soon. Now I didn’t make it until March 7th, but we connected and soon after Matt asked my help with building this community.

Free fitness community in action

Beth joined us this summer and we have been busy building this community into what we have today. This year we hit major milestones. Sixty-six people in one workout during the summer and today we hit another, thirty-six people in the middle of winter. We are excited for what we (this includes everyone who shows up) have accomplished and we plan to keep growing it. The more people the better the workout options.

Tree Hugger

Today we celebrated with a workout featuring two dice locations helping to keep things unpredictable. From burpees, a sequence repetition (1 sit-up, 1 push-up and 1 tuck jump then repeat sequence 15 times), sky kicks and a whole lot of tree-hugging declarations we kept the workout interesting.

Beth as Father Time

Then everyone who showed up got a free Plymouth Movez Buff. If you missed out last week or this week, you can still get one, but it won’t be as simple. For the next few months (we might even include a January workout) until we run out, we will secretly pick a workout every month where we will hand out free buffs to those who don’t have them. So the only way to ensure you can get one going forward is to plan to show up every workout.

Group Photo

Again thanks for making us what we are today. Lets keep it going strong and see you next Wednesday at 6:00 AM at The Rock.
–Elin Flashman

Crazy and Determined

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