Over the course of the last year, I’ve come to learn a lot about myself through the prism of these weekly gatherings at Plymouth Rock. I’ve learned to embrace being uncomfortable; I’ve seen all the good that comes from throwing your time and energy into the things you love the most in life; and I’ve come to fully embrace the importance of human connection.

This guy

The latter is a point that was driven home in a really earnest and sincere way today. Our erudite (and strikingly handsome) co-leader Elin shared a story with the group during the bounce that seemed to resonate with many. It was serious and meaningful and came from the heart. It also perfectly encapsulated why we started this pledge group and why we’ve been able to meet some amazing people: community is important. Showing up each week and working out on the waterfront has allowed us to build friendships and to support one another in ways we sometimes don’t even realize.

Connecting with Burpees

Life is hard, no matter how well off you are and no matter how great things may be going. That’s just how it is, and it’s never going to change. A corollary to this, however, is the idea that we can find beauty in this world each and every day, even if it’s passing and very tough to spot. For those who show up each Wednesday, it’s the highlight of our day. But when you’re there and high-fiving a friend or running next to a complete stranger, you have the potential to make their lives better. That connection can sometimes enable someone to have a better day, and ultimately a better life.

Group Photo- No one dove off the pier today

So when we ran through the circuit today – which involved burpee broad jumps, beach running, and many other challenging movements – I could see all of that happening in motion. I saw the sweat, and the smiles, and the human betterment. And I understood on a very deep level why a community like this can be so powerful. We are here to push, cajole, and embrace any human willing to come be a part of this collection of awesome humans. And I can’t wait until next week to do it again.

See you next Wednesday!

Community and Connection: Why We Show Up Each Week

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  • May 8, 2019 at 8:25 pm

    Thanks for embracing us newbies. Great energy and connection. Lolling forward to coming back


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