Wednesdays have been pretty tame lately. The weather has been very neutral, and so we haven’t had to worry too much about our clothing attire. We haven’t really had to test our #Weatherproof strategies, so a level of complacency has set in. Well, dammit, it seems Mother Nature was tired of us coasting along, and sent us some lower temps, a nice hard breeze off the ocean, and a spattering of rain. It wasn’t intense, but it was a good chance for our community to show up and flex those #Weatherproof muscles. 

“We’re doing what?!” – Everyone

Joyce told us she almost stayed home when the alarm went off, and frankly a lot of us probably shared that sentiment. It was dark and nasty out, and staying in bed would have been easy. But we don’t do EASY around here! This community is built on commitment and consistency, so it was nice to see 24 hearty souls out there this morning, bouncing gleefully in the dark. 

Partner Push up form. Take notes.

The wind was a bit erratic, so depending on which direction you were running during our circuit, you either had a nice little boost or some resistance to your gait. It made the whole experience more interesting, and kept people on their toes. It was awesome seeing people enjoying the different movements we offered up today as well – the Spider-Man crawls up Cole’s Hill were a blast, and the partner leg circles and push ups were done with great energy.

Round and round we go!

The days only get shorter and colder from here on out, but I know I will continue to see great humans showing up every Wednesday ready to throw down, no matter what the weather is. The weather only matters in terms of what gear you wear; otherwise just know that we will be there with a fun course designed and a desire to move. Cheers to all of you beautiful souls. 

Group Photo
Cold, Wind and Rain: Just How We Like It

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