The whole “Weatherproof” thing can become a bit overused sometimes, and by no means do we throw that around as a way to make people feel bad or to puff our chests out. Yes, being weather proof is one of the pillars of our Free Fitness Movement, but just because you stay in bed and turn the heat up in your home, it doesn’t mean we think any less of you. Ultimately, we’re here to celebrate each other, and that comes in many different forms.

Being Weatherproof can also make you 100% more handsome. See Bill here for proof.

Today, it meant lunging and planking on the crusty, snowy field to the right of the Rock; it meant splitting up into two groups and putting forth a great effort in a circuit workout that consisted of single leg squats (NOT AS EASY AS YOU WOULD THINK!), lunges, bear crawls and burpees. We loved watching tribe members running in opposite directions, heading to their next exercise station but making sure the delivered a cold high five on the way by.

This area might need a Bear Crossing sign.

The sunrise this morning that served as our backdrop was a stellar 9/10. It definitely made showing up a little more worthwhile, but it wasn’t the only reason for getting out of bed and working out with this tribe on this cold, windy morning. The reason I love getting up early on Wednesday mornings is because I know whoever showed up is a complete badass, and willing to get their hands cold and their lungs warm. The people who make this tribe what it is – and for those who have yet to come but who will one day join us – deserve a hug and a smile. We built this thing because community and fitness are important, but it’s on extra cold, slippery days like this that you get to see why we all continue to Just Show Up.

See you next week for PR Day with workouts at 5AM and 6AM!
–Matt West

The tribe and Matt with his birthday suit
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

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