PR Day is something special we do on the last Wednesday of the month. It’s an opportunity to set a baseline or to chase a previous achievement on the particular PR Day course and perhaps set a Personal Record (a PR!) for number of laps of the course completed or for those that complete all five, for time to finish all five. First and foremost the race is with yourself and so it means everyone has a chance to improve.

And sometimes you find a racing partner

However sometimes in the middle of PR Day you find someone is close to your speed and then all bets are off. You push to keep up or catch up and that cat and mouse game makes you excited to go a little faster to catch them or to stay ahead. The game is never over until the end. Both the five and six o’clock groups had many people who found someone their speed to keep them going all out. We had seven people finish all five loops and many who did more loops than they had ever done before.

Anna is sure to be making plans to make sure to give Elizabeth a major challenge next PR day!

Either way if you are chasing your own personal record or find yourself chasing or ensuring you win, you are kicking ass on a hell of a hard workout. Serious kudos to all of you who were out there this morning!

Times for those who completed five loops in 40 minutes or less:
33:50 – Elizabeth
35:51 – Taryn
37:36 – Anna & Elise
36:13 – Michaela
38:40 – Joyce
38:48 – Colleen

For the month of June, we are putting a challenge to the tribe. For every new member you have show up, we will provide you a free tagged Plymouth Movez shirt for all newbies whose first time it is working out with us or who return after being away for the winter. In addition for those who bring a Newbie, you will also get up to one shirt. If you recruit more than 5 people, come talk to us and we will have a special tagged gift for you.
So get recruiting and lets make these workouts bigger and better!

5AM & 6Am Group Photo Merge

Until next Wednesday at 6AM!
–Elin Flashman

Chase or Be Chased

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