This is the last week before Daylight Savings begins. We had one of our brightest mornings in a long time and next week we plunge back into darkness at our next workout. Now we could take it as something to complain about. We could walk into work next week sighing and dragging our feet and letting it get to us. However I would suggest that we can make a different choice. We can get excited about enjoying more colorful sunrises. We can feel just a little more bad ass for showing up in what feels to be the dead of night. We know that no matter what our tribe will be here with arms open and ready to go.

If you’re feeling bad ass, sometimes it helps to advertise

In life, nothing is ever the same. Places change, new buildings go up, old ones come down. Friends move out of town or we lose touch. Everything changes in time and we find that being ready to embrace the change and see the possibilities will open you up to the opportunities you might otherwise miss.

I have been part of the free fitness community in Boston for over six years and I have seen people come and go. It is easy to miss the friends who stopped coming, but if you do that you will miss out. You will miss the new friends who could use a little help to integrate into the tribe. You will miss getting to know some truly wonderful people. You will miss on seeing, experiencing or even helping to shape the ongoing culture and community. I can tell you personally I have met amazing people who love with abandon, who when they see someone in their community hurting, they do anything they can to help. I have seen friends who struggle with depression, find a place they are loved and accepted. I have seen people who had a bike stolen, have it replaced at no cost to them via a natural surge of crowdfunding. And all of this is only possible when you embrace change and positivity.

Even better, if you can find a way to light the spark in someone else to see things with a little positivity you might unknowingly truly make someone’s day. Be kind, be positive and be good to everyone. And for those who need to hear it, be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Aaaaaaaaah!! – Group Photo

See you next week my friends. The Tribe is Kind.

Change Is The Only Constant
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