It’s no secret that we love to push this community to work out hard, and sometimes get you out of your comfort zone. Today we did that in a few ways. One way was to get back to the Pier area now that construction is done and make it our playground again. Another was to introduce a few new things like reverse burpees, backwards bear crawls, and push-up/sit-up challenges that had a break option for those that needed it (20 push-ups too much, well you can break with 10 sit-ups!). Each of these were designed to get comfortable with different movements and get used to trying new things.

Sit-Ups with a view

Finally we added in a little obstacle jumping spice in the form of Adirondack Chairs leaned against each other that we brought out after the first loop. Some people seemed excited for the challenge and gave it their all on the first try. Some were cautious and opted to jump over the lower section. Some simply opted out altogether and that is just fine. We give you challenges and we will encourage you to give it your best shot, but sometimes Safety Third can take a back seat and that is okay.

Even Beth didn’t think she could jump over and look at that height!

That being said, we’re going to talk about the magic we saw today, we saw people who started off as cautious gain courage and gave it their all. Many people moved up the scale and tried harder jumps. Some caught the chairs with their feet, but no one was hurt. We did however see that it didn’t matter how tall, short, big or small we saw people get some serious height. We could see the smiles as people did something they didn’t think they could do.

Kathleen has ups!

Sometimes we limit ourselves in life physically and sure it has to do with fear of injuries and the like. But there is something to be said for taking chances. We get older and sometimes we think we can’t do things anymore we could do as kids. Sometimes these walls are in our heads. Finally we also do that mentally and emotionally. So what other things are you holding back on that you could and should do? Live life a little and don’t stop living. We all have a long time before we hit the grave, so take that foot out and explore what is possible.

Group Photo

See you next week at 6AM


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Breaking Expectations

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