If 48 people are a “plethora” (great word, Elin)…then what are 66 (SIXTY SIX) human beings?! I came across the word “SUPERABUNDANCE” today in my journeys, so I’m going to use it here. We had 66 people #justshowup at the Rock this morning for a sweaty July 3 workout, and a strong feeling of gratitude washed over me as I saw an eclectic group smash their way through a circuit workout that included hill repeats, firecracker jumps (what we like to call “I’m a star” jumps on steroids), Race Wars, hoisties, and frog jumps.

It’s Racing Time!

Fifteen of the 66 people who showed up to the workout today were newbies, which just shows how this free fitness thing can spread when we start to grow everything organically. Elin and I have preached it all along, but when the numbers grow the workouts become more interesting and the energy is heightened. It changes the whole dynamic, and it really allows us to create fun workouts and capture all of our tribe members doing amazing things at the crack of dawn.

The Energy is blinding–oh wait, that’s the sun.

It’s the week of July 4, the weather is finally pristine, and people are more willing to show up when the conditions are right. But what we saw today was magical, and we think it can be sustained over the long haul. Our expectations have always been high, and with everything clicking for this tribe, there’s no telling what we can do.

Fun for the whole family

So THANK YOU to everyone who showed up today. Thanks to our longstanding veterans, our intermittent visitors, and the newbies who gave us a shot for the first time. We appreciate you giving us a chance and embracing the weird. We do it because we genuinely love it and its days like today that validate the whole thing. Sixty six is a big number, but I don’t think we’re going to stop there. This is a train that is finally gaining some serious steam, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Sixty Six people today!

Every newbie who showed up today and signed our newbie sheet earned a free gift and while our gifts did not arrive in time for today’s workout, we will have them next week for you to pick up. Now people keep asking what they are and we’re just not going to give away the secret. You will have to scour social media next week to find out what they are.
We do have some basic ground rules for everyone:
If you are working out for the first time with Plymouth Movez in the Month of July and you sign in you will earn the gift. Only newbies will get them first, so regulars will have to be patient.
If you are a regular and you show up on July 31st you can also pick up a free gift, but not before then.

What could it be?

Join us July 31st on our PR day with two workouts (at 5AM and 6AM) and during the workout we will be taking Yearbook Photos of everyone at the workout. There will be a costume theme for the photos, and look for that to be revealed in the coming weeks.
As our tribe grows we want to ensure we still are able to connect with everyone every week. Having individual pictures posted and tagged on Facebook will help everyone get to know people’s names. Not everyone is good with names and we find this really helps keep the community stay connected as it grows. Plus the albums are a hell of a lot of fun. So stay tuned for the theme.

Some of our last Photos

Until next Wednesday, keep recruiting and lets make this even bigger and better,
Matt West

Bigger, Better and our July Incentives

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