Beth is pretty hard core, so when she designs a workout you’d best be ready for hell of a challenge. Not only does she train and ran an Ironman in hurricanes and then came back to do it like everyone else next year. Her house is a fitness center first and second. We’re not sure what takes third place. We’re not saying she is not human, we’re just saying we’re not going to take a chance pricking her to see if she bleeds because that would be super dangerous.

Here she comes!

On the other hand, she is probably one of the kindest people we know. She watches out for everyone. She keeps her eye our for people and she makes a point to learn everyone’s name. She great at speaking her mind even when it’s uncomfortable. And we suspect she doesn’t love the limelight, which is why today we get to make her uncomfortable.

Beth’s plan, make you blame someone else.

So if you thought the workout was hard or if you watch the video from this morning or read the workout notes and think that it is no joke of a plan, maybe you should put something on her Facebook wall or comment on the blog post link on our page. Let her know what hurts, what is sore and the high, low, mediums of the workout.

In the end, she’s the best!

Trust me, she’s going to laugh and smile at the same time she’s just a little uncomfortable. And that’s a good thing.


Beth: Truth and Scandal

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