I am pretty sure we all have a lot going on in our lives and because of that we are super honored that you take the time to join us whether it be for the first time or 15 months and counting. We don’t take you for granted and even if you were coming during the summer and can’t come once school has begun, we appreciate you and can’t wait to see you on holidays and next summer. It says a lot that we have a community of people who make it a priority to show up and work hard physically, mentally and you do your best to celebrate each other.

Up hill, both ways

And we see you who may be having a tough time, who may even be struggling to be around people, but still make it out when you have the spoons to do so. We appreciate you and see you working hard out there to do something for yourself. If there is anything we can do to help, just reach out to us in any way you prefer. We hope we help fill your bucket of positive outlook and faith in humanity.


In other news, today was the first time Beth led the bounce and managed the workout and being a co-leader is not a simple thing to take on, so a round of thanks to her and all she did and will continue to do as a co-leader. It’s a rare person who can handle this kind of role and who sees the enjoyment in helping put it together.

What does Plymouth Movez mean to you?

Finally, on Monday, September 2nd, on Labor Day we will have a Pop-Up workout starting at 6AM at the Plymouth Public Library This is an opportunity to recruit friends and family who might not be able to make it to our regular workouts. Also if you have friends who are curious and might be more likely to come on a holiday, pass the info along. We welcome anyone of any age.
Note: If you drive there on Monday, we recommend parking along the tree line as it will help keep cars out of the pictures.

5 and 6 Group Photo Merge

See you Monday!
-Elin Flashman

Be Seen & Monday Details

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