Most of the time our blog post is full of jokes mixed with some insight and inspiration when the mood strikes us. However today we are going to get a little more serious, because what we have to discuss is important and for some it could be a matter of Life and Death. After much deliberation between the leadership, we have decided to make some changes in light of the threat everyone has been talking about, the Coronavirus disease of 2019 or COVID-19.

We fully understand we are doing this early before we have a serious and direct threat to the community. However it is that very community we seek to protect by planning ahead. A few reasons for doing this early has been that in the U.S. there has not been widespread testing and there have been concerns that the virus has been spreading undetected for weeks now. We honestly do not seek to create any hysteria, instead we want to act with forethought to make sure if it potentially present, that we don’t make it worse.

Additionally we get that the risk is worst for much older people and people with other risk factors and that many of us would probably be fine, but I know I have people who I love who fit into those risk factors and I am sure all of you do too. We care about the greater community too.

First of all, until further notice and when we know the concerns are no longer present, we will no longer be guiding people to high-five or hug at Plymouth Movez. Instead we will put our hands together, bow to each other and say, “Konichiwa!”* We do this with the utmost respect and appreciation that in Japan this is how they say Good Day without physical contact and to be careful in uncertain times. You are welcome to say anything you like better: Good Day! Good Morning! Fuck Yeah! Oh HELL You look like a gazelle running away from a rabid donkey!

Original art–Could be worth something someday!

Secondly, we encourage the use of buffs at all workouts, if you are concerned, use them to cover your mouths and nose. This is not some approved CDC guidance, but just an additional precaution we think doesn’t hurt and could make some sense. Scratch this, we got some great feedback that a buff would not be recommended as you will be more likely to adjust the buff and parts you touched with your hands will touch your face. Thanks Kimberly!

Thirdly, we will be designing the workouts a little differently to avoid contact with other people and likely be more spread out. We do feel that workouts outside are preferable to being inside and so unless we feel we need to revisit this further as things change workouts will continue as normal, rain or shine.

Fourth of all, we encourage you to stay home if you are feeling sick. Your best bet is to rest and get better so you don’t miss more workouts.

Finally, we do have one announcement that saddens us, but we feel it best to make:

Yes, it’s true.

We are cancelling our PI Day event because we don’t want to risk the community we love including the new people who would join us on that day. The risk of gathering a large crowd and then enclosing them together in a bar for a couple of hours doesn’t seem like the best choice to make at this time. If the threat of the COVID-19 is no longer an issue we will look into either doing this or another event, because we want to have times for us to connect outside of the workouts.

So in closing, we feel that we are taking good precautions and if you have other groups you are a part of that gather together encourage them to think about it. Should you want more information about COVID-19, check out the facts at the CDC Website link here. At a basic level, make sure to wash your hands often with soap for 20 seconds or more (about as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday) and get used to avoid touching your face.

With all that being said, today was amazing. Check out a few of these pictures

See you next week.
–Elin Flashman

*For those purists who know that “Ohayo” in Japanese is Good Morning, we say you are absolutely correct, but we are a little weird here and liked “Konichiwa” and felt that we liked wishing people to have a good day.

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