As hokey and corny as it sounds, I believe it’s important to remember that every day is beautiful. That bespectacled Irishman Bono made it a common phrase back in 2000 and it resonates even more strongly today — when it’s easy to get wrapped up in a million different things each day. This Wednesday was particularly beautiful, and 20 Movez members joined Elin and me for another great workout.

Bono tells us the workout

New faces arrived, thanks in large part to one of the OG’s (and recruiter extraordinaire) — Carole. One newbie, who has been running those stairs for a while now — and heard about those “two crazy guys” who organize a free workout on Wednesdays – made her first appearance. She was a great athlete who challenged some of our fastest folks on Stair Wars to close out the workout. (Running stairs is a great workout, but doing it Plymouth Movez-style, replete with all the shenanigans we offer up each week, is a whole different ball game!)

The Fast and the smiling Furious

Our partner workout challenged each person’s core and upper body strength, so you can thank us later when you feel those little pangs of soreness, ha! (It’s a good thing. And you all are bad asses.) We had a good sized group near the statue at the top of Burial Hill, and as you see the more people we get the more fun and quirky these workouts can be. Elin challenged everyone last week with some news regarding initiatives to bring in more people. Let’s make it happen and spread the Movez love to more humans.

Hard work pays off

MONDAY: we’re having a pop-up workout on Memorial Day Monday. (May 27th) at 6:00AM. The workout will be at Gray’s Park Beach in Kingston. Everyone is welcome to join in rain or shine, and it is a good chance to get some people there who have been hinting at coming for a while. Promise them breakfast after and tell them about Elin’s hugs.
Cheers to another great Wednesday at the Rock, and cheers to embracing the beauty in each day.
WEDNESDAY: Don’t forget next Wednesdy is PR DAY with workouts at 5:00AM & 6:00AM!

Group Photo

Until next time!

All The Corn You Can Eat!

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