This is the time of Pumpkin everything. Beer, coffee, doughnuts, bagels and perhaps even pumpkin spice flavored pumpkins–is that a thing? And today Beth brought to us a Pumpkin spiced workout and the opportunity to steal a one if you were unable to beg, borrow and if you stole it, we don’t want to know. It was amusing to see who stuck out with the heavier pumpkins and who traded down to smaller ones. No judgement from us, it is all recorded in social media. Let’s just say we have some pretty badass members.

Pumpkin Bear Crawls

We’re going to let the album speak for itself, as we have more pressing matters to discuss. Next week is our PR Day workout with 5AM and 6AM workouts, but it is also our last workout before Halloween. This means costumes are seriously encouraged. This years theme is….

Wild Thing!

What you chose to do with the theme is completely up to you. You can chose to be some kind of ferocious animal (GROWL), a fraternity brother or sister, Tarzan of the Jungle. Maybe you think the astronaut women who just space walked are wild. No limits, just inspiration. That being said, we are still doing our PR Day workout, so make sure whatever you pick works with things like bear crawls, crab walks and burpees.

What Wild Thing will you be?
Group Photo

See you next Wednesday, we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.
–Beth, Matt and Elin

All Spiced and PR Day Halloween Theme

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