Last month we posted An Honest Message explaining that we needed your support to keep things going. And we did get some additional people joining us for one or a few workouts. We are especially thankful to those of you who have been joining us for the virtual workouts, you are the heart of Plymouth Movez and we wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for your support. However, Matt and I have decided it is time for us to hang our hats. There isn’t enough of a crowd for us to keep the workouts interesting and we made a pact early on that we would do this for as long as we could keep it fun for us. We would rather end things at a point where we still love it than drag it on where we get sick of it.

Our Last Call Workout is Wednesday July 8th!

So with that in mind, we invite everyone to join us for our last workout on Wednesday July 8th, 2020. Workout will be on Zoom at 6am (Meeting ID: 762 847 013) and will start promptly at 6AM. We have a workout planned that is new while still bringing back some older aspects we have brought back from past workouts. We will be online by 5:45am if you want to join us early and say hello! See you then!
–Matt and Elin

ALL ABOARD! Last Call for Plymouth Movez!

2 thoughts on “ALL ABOARD! Last Call for Plymouth Movez!

  • July 7, 2020 at 8:24 am

    This is terrible news. I am injured & unable to join this class , but ALWAYS enjoyed these work outs. In person on Wednesday mornings. The zoom work outs have been hard for many of my own friends to want to participate in.. your groups every Wednesday morning became a part of my marathon training as a solid cross training activity & I was so looking forward to meeting in person now that phase 3 has initiated. I know our running club is finally going to work on meeting as a group in the coming weeks, & I was truly hoping this would be the same for this amazing class. Thank you for the time you put into making my Wednesday mornings an amazing experience, I only wish we could’ve met as a group down by the rock post pandemic environment. This is very sad news .. Many individuals struggle to participate in live work outs for various reasons : age, lack of resources or space in their own home , depression during isolation, etc. I am sure you would’ve seen how much this town supports you & this amazing resource when restrictions lifted & group settings were made available. I always saw so many people at these classes .. Good luck with your future endeavors.

    • July 7, 2020 at 8:48 am

      We get people have many things going on, we even wrote a blog post about it, We Missed You And That’s Okay!. There we made a point to say we know life is a struggle for many and that we don’t look to make anyone feel bad. Plymouth Movez has always stated that we are a community first and a workout second. Without a community that is kept alive there isn’t a workout. This is why a month a go we posted the blog Post, “An Honest Message” because this was a distinct possibility without support on the virtual platform.
      In person workouts during Phase 3 again will also carry significant risks for our area where a quick drive through the center of Plymouth shows very few taking social distancing or masks seriously enough to help us believe we could run safe workouts anytime in the near future. There are enough people who may be working out on the same spaces that may not be careful and put our members at risk. Stair Loops are too close and even if we only run up the stairs, we don’t control others use of the area. We also had the groundskeeper who gave a directive not to use the burial hill grass and who was more combative than willing to work with us. So considering these concerns as well as increased risk for people in my family who are a high risk groups didn’t really put us ready to rush into going back to in person workouts anytime soon.

      In regards to Zoom workouts, We have heard from many people who were just waiting until we were back in person and hence didn’t want to join Zoom workouts and we have people with Injuries who joined us during Zoom workouts and just like our in person workouts, they modified when they had to. We managed to make some real special workouts for Zoom that helped make it feel more like it did in person, but we just didn’t have the numbers to keep it going.

      We absolutely appreciate your joining us and we loved your energy every time. Wish you the best with your running club that it works out well for everyone.
      Hope you have a lovely day!


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