On January 3rd 2018, started bringing free workouts at the Plymouth Rock. There was no catch, we have seen and experienced the benefits of free fitness and wanted to make it happen here in the south shore. We ran for 2.5 years and ended on July 8th, 2020.

Matt capturing the action

Matt West, leader and founder of Plymouth Movez has been running the show since day one took on the challenge of starting this group in the middle of winter. He is a marathoner runner, trail runner and a personal trainer who grew up here. He would love to see more positivity and community built around health, fitness and inclusivity.

Elin standing tall

In March 2018, Elin joined as Co-leader to help make this dream come true. Elin has spent six years working out year round, with November Project Boston, another free fitness community and has seen how good it can be. Drawing on years of experience and having helped the community for years as well as helping run Boston Brunch Runners another free fitness group for four years, he saw this as an opportunity to give back and bring this to the south shore.

We’re here to bring hard workouts that are completely scalable so that anyone of any fitness levels can work out together. We respect that people may have to modify from time to time due to injuries or other reasons, but we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Finally we believe in being more than just a workout group. We call it a community because we believe in connecting people together. This might be the first group you are a part of that you have no idea what each other does for work, but you instead know them as a friend who has helped you push a little harder or you helped them push a little harder running up that hill one day. We welcome people of all ages from kids to adults in retirement. We believe the world can do with a good injection of positivity and genuine celebration of all that we are. This includes celebrating the weird in everyone. We’re silly, a little unusual and we love to laugh. We offer free hugs or high fives. Join us Wednesdays at 6AM and see for yourself because no one fully understands it unless they have seen it for themselves. These workouts are no longer happening,

With love,
Plymouth Movez
Matt & Elin

P.S. As a response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all in person workouts are were cancelled on March 2020. Instead we met for Virtual Workouts Every Wednesday at 6:00 AM. Plymouth Movez then had their last workout on July 8th, 2020.