This morning was full of Twist and no shouts. The change from a real to a virtual medium has actually been a great challenge to us to design workouts that were hard enough, able to scale to fitness levels and be interesting enough to keep people engaged. Also especially fun for us as leaders is that we can join in more with the actual workouts which means we get to enjoy the workout with the community.

Beth thinks you can rest when you’re dead.

This morning Beth took the simple game of twister and used it to design a workout that seemed simple enough but actually had a good chance to land on a sequence of one minute of Burpees and then another minute of Jumping Jacks. It was hard work and a great challenge, but because it was broken down into simple snack sized portions it really made it seem doable. So since most of us are staying home and snacking, this kind of snack is a healthy one, brought to you by Plymouth Movez.

The Crabbiest Couple

We know life is a little stranger these days and we feel doing these virtual workouts can help. We find it really energizes us in the middle of the week and helps us get a little more energized to finish the week strong.

No one died, group photo accomplished!

We are considering a few more ideas for helping us stay connected in the coming weeks. However this weekend, you do have some homework to complete:

#PMHomework: The Can Stacking Challenge
Right now you likely have a lot of canned items in your pantry. In this workout you get to use them as weights. Your job is is do this workout sometime this weekend from Friday morning to Sunday evening. This workout was designed by our friend Alex Katz.

You can do it alone or with a friend or family in person or via Zoom. Got a friend who isn’t sure about joining us, use this to get them to give a zoom workout a try!

Try to see if you can get to stack up to five or six.
1. Try it first without looking with the cans above your head, raise your legs and put one can between your feet and try to stack them.
2. Then try it by doing a bent leg V-Up and watching where you are stacking.

Take note of your time, number of cans and get a picture or video of you doing this and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #PMHomework

Extra points for doing it in a Plymouth Movez #GrassrootsGear!
See the video below for a demonstration:

So don’t forget to do your homework and post it to Instagram or Facebook before Sunday night! There may be a special Prize for the post with most likes using the #PMHomework hashtag.

Stay safe friends,
–Elin Flashman

A Twisted Workout And Do Your Homework

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