Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed

Today’s workout –as described by our fantastic friend from Boston, Joev (thanks for stopping in again!) — was a functional body weight scrambler.

We moved our feet quickly, we pogo’d, we kicked our butts really fast, and we laughed at Elin’s fantastic bounce to start our day.

We started out with a simple warm up routine, and then cycled through 13 exercises, which started in a slower, more relaxed manner, and eventually sped up and had us working in different planes of motion.

So Matt doesn’t forget

We had a lot of great energy in the group this morning (yeah, we’re looking at you, Chris, and your looping and arm-waving skips), and it was great to see everyone trying out new movements.

Our goal isn’t to make you puke at the end of every workout, but we surely want you to get your money’s worth (it’s free fitness, ha-ha).

Doing The Turkish Get-Up Dance

We closed it out with a walk through of the popular movement, the Turkish Get-Up. It was a bit different than what the group is used to, but it’s a foundational exercise and I was pumped to see the group give it a try.

We made it through another week on Zoom — at home, in the comfort and safety of our own dwellings. Yes, we miss the in-person stuff, and we sure hope we can make that happen again in some form.

But if we can’t, we will continue on each week for as long as the fire burns, waiting to see the smiles of some great people.

A Sofa King Hard Workout

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