Many of you reading this are likely regulars at Plymouth Movez and if so, this may be stuff you may already know. Today we’re going to speak to those who have recently joined us and to those who are still thinking about doing so. We are going to give you the basic primer for success with Plymouth Movez.

First of all, on the face of it you could call this just some free bootcamp that some crazy people run for free at Wednesdays at The Rock at dark o’clock in the morning (that’s 6AM for those who don’t already know). It isn’t wrong, but it is also not fully correct. We do believe in providing hard workouts. We believe in workouts anyone can join in at any fitness level. However, we believe that what we bring to the table is more that just the sum of the workouts.

There is a lot of sweat here, but there are also connections happening

We bring people together and help them to connect with each other. We help people see the world and each other with positivity, kindness and appreciation. We don’t care what you for a living and as a matter of fact I have very little clue what most of you do and that’s a nice change. We see people for the work they put in at the workouts, for how they cheer or help push each other to do more. We break boundaries with sweat, hugs and high fives.

We believe that workouts don’t need to be boring and it is possible to work so hard that you wonder why you are even here, but at the same time be laughing, smiling and cheering others around you. You can look back at the pictures we take when they get posted on Facebook later in the day and enjoy that you already started the day with good people and a great workout.

These are regular members smiling, not paid models or stock photos

Now in many other groups, it takes time to become accepted into the group, but here at Plymouth Movez it doesn’t take very much. The first day you show up we already think you are amazing and people are curious to know you. If you can arrange to keep showing up every week you can, people will remember you and want to know who you are.

If you want to make it easier, go ahead and tag yourself in the pictures on Facebook, it will help people to remember your name next time. Plus it helps us get the word out about what we do and perhaps friends of yours will someday come an join us as well. That helps us because we want to keep growing this tribe, this gang of yahoos as more people make for more fun and a bigger community for everyone.

Everyone is working hard and cheering each other on

Finally, in case you don’t already know here are a few things you should know about us. First of all, we workout outside year-round. We can make one promise to you, if you keep showing up regularly, we will teach you how to layer appropriately and you will have opportunity to test it every week as the weather changes gradually. I say this as someone who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has been working out outside year-round for almost seven years. Secondly, we are #weatherproof, which means workouts happen regardless of the weather. We are here rain or shine, in the snow, in the ice, in hurricanes etc. As leaders Matt and I will always have workout options and are ready to modify for safety. So you never need to wonder if people will be here, the answer is always yes.

Almost done here, but just want to say a word about commitments. We take verbal commitments very seriously here. Doing so enables every one of us to not second guess ourselves to get out of bed in the morning to come. We encourage you to make these commitments (we call them #verbals) to each other. This makes you accountable to your friends who will know you are a person of your word and will look forward to seeing you in the mornings. These verbals also help them make sure they show up for you. This kind of commitment to each other for the workouts may seem silly at first, but they bleed over into the rest of your life and when you keep showing up for friends and for colleagues people see you an remember.

Your hard work is the art of our canvas

Finally, we are grateful that either you gave us a chance or if you are thinking about it please consider showing up. No one really gets it until they show up and when they do they will have wished they joined us sooner, so might as well make your #verbal commitment to show up again next week or for your first time. If you don’t have a friend to verbal to, feel free to #verbal on our page as a comment to this or any other post.

No fun was had.

Until next week, for those who received the #SecretGift, we hope you like it. For those who still don’t know what it is, you will have to make friends with some new people to find out what it is.
-Elin Flashman

A Primer for New Members

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