Forty-eight people came to our two workouts today, and that I declare is a Plethora! Our previous record was 27 and today we had 17 new people join us! It was truly special, we often say that the more people we have join us really makes a difference. It’s not about bragging (although we will!). It’s not about taking credit for it (we won’t, because we know it was in large thanks to every one of you). It’s not even that we have an absolute need to become a formal member of that tribe of workout groups that doesn’t just meet in November (although if it happens along the way, sure, why not?). It IS about making the workouts better, more fun and growing this community, this tribe, this group of people.

That is a Plethora!

More people means there are more people we can capture in pictures shining the limelight on them when many people often don’t even have profile photos on Facebook. We love capturing people in special moments and maybe even getting them to begin to get more comfortable with themselves and to see that everyone around them is amazing and that they are a part of it all.

Happy to push hard

Having been a part of free fitness groups like this for years, I can tell you that you learn to redefine beauty. Now I don’t mean beauty in the sense that we need to hit on each other, but I mean in that kind of appreciation of each other where you beam with happiness cheering each other on. You heart bursts with happiness just as much seeing Matt break his PR today as watching people at the back of the pack pushing and never stopping until the time is called.


We get to enjoy that one of our tribe members, Kathleen who worked out with us pregnant until two weeks before she gave birth to her baby boy, Samuel. Now to see her return four weeks after that with Samuel sporting his tagged gear. #GrowMoreRacers.


So, to us seeing 48 people join us for our workout today really made us excited. However that doesn’t mean we’re done. We said previously that we’re recruiting all summer and yes that means we will soon be announcing our next initiative to grow this tribe and retain all these newly found friends. Stay tuned we’ll be revealing more info soon.

Our 5AM and 6AM group pic

See you next week at 6AM for our Independence Day Workout. If you have any gear on theme, bring it. We may have an award for the best outfit..

A Plethora of People

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