Sometimes I think back to a year ago when we had ten people coming. Now we regularly have five times that number and I know that can sound scary to people who don’t seek the limelight. However I have been a part of free fitness groups like Plymouth Movez for almost seven years and I can tell you that what can sound overwhelming is actually the perfect place for people of all walks of life. Introvert, extrovert, ambivert and even those who don’t want to be categorized can find a home with Plymouth Movez.

Lots of places to hide

For those who are introverted, the bigger the group, the easier it is to show up in the group and just be in the moment of the workout. You can soak in the energy to from the group to push harder and do all the really hard things we throw at you every week. You are welcome to join us and you can choose to opt out of hugs and give a high five and that’s A-OK with us. You can show up every week and be a part of something special happening in Plymouth and do it bit by bit. Yes, sometimes you might have a partner, but if we as leaders are doing our job, it will be hard enough to distract you from it. In time and we’re patient, you might come to think of us as friends and be ready to connect, get to know and joke around with us.

Easy to hide when everyone else is doing weird workouts

For those who are extroverted, they can find in the group a place where they can cheer people on and find others who are willing to meet them at their level of enthusiasm. As you get to know the community you can gather people together for drinks, to go hike a mountain or travel and race together. We love the idea of people making connections at Plymouth Movez and then getting their fitness on together. Maybe go check out some free yoga on the beach with a group. It’s all possible.

You can let your extrovert flag fly

If you’re an ambivert you might travel in all sorts of groups and sometimes want to be more quiet and sometimes be the center of attention with a crazy outfit at the workout. That’s okay. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to work out and leave with memories, sore muscles and some good laughs along the way.

If you don’t like being classified, we get that, we don’t like living in boxes either. Come and make it of it what you will.

Memories in time help this feel like family

I will say this, if you come and give us a chance and I mean a real chance by coming every week you can make it, we believe that you will find in this crazy weird group a sort of family. A family that is supportive, who is positively ready to cheer you on and one who understands that we are truly, truly glad you are here.

So if you haven’t joined us, please consider it. We would love to have you there.

If you are already a part of us, we are glad you are here and make sure to give people the time to acclimate and if they offer a high five instead of a hug, smile big and meet them where they are comfortable.

That’s a big family

Until next week when Matt returns from Vegas for Kids,
–Elin Flashman

A Place for Everyone

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