While it’s important to practice gratitude on a daily or weekly basis, sometimes we forget. We all lead busy lives, and things remain unsaid from time to time. But the holidays are approaching, Thanksgiving is this week, and the kind words will (hopefully) be cascading across the social media atmosphere and in the real world at high speeds. And I love it, because it helps remind us why we’re here in the first place: to coexist and be in relationships with those around us.

I am glad you are here

So I want to take this space to say thank you to everyone who makes up the Plymouth Movez community. Whether you come every week, once a month, or you’ve only been once, I want to say thank you. You have helped Elin, Beth and I in more ways than we can often describe, and helped solidify┬áthis group of athletes as unique and powerful.

I am glad YOU are here

We only see each other once a week for the most part, but everyone who shows up helps make my day better just by being there. Fitness is such a wonderful thing, and to be able to share these experiences of movement, sweat and laughter with such a robust and caring group is amazing. 

I AM GLAD you are here

I hope everyone gets to travel, eat, smile and rest with their loved ones this week. Take the time to enjoy the moment, and we’ll see you in December, ready to finish up 2019 with a bang.

We are glad you are here in all shapes and sizes
A Giving Of Thanks To the People of Plymouth Movez

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