Sometimes life can feel like it is going a mile a minute, with lots of stuff to do and so many appointments coming it almost makes you wonder if it will get done. However if you have been at it for while a part of you knows that you have done it before and that if you focus you not only will get it done but you will often enjoy it. This can be at work, in your family and other commitments and even those that you enjoy doing add up to feel like a lot.

In the rush-rush of life, give out some high fives

It is in these times that your workout can be the gift to yourself. Time that when possible is something you give yourself to do something that feels like an accomplishment. We design our workouts to be that space for you to be here and push yourself, to be celebrated for something that has nothing to do with the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter what you do for work, it doesn’t matter that you were in a bad mood last night, we are all here together to move, to sweat and be challenged.

Kathleen gets it, Linda does too, but is ready to move on

This is the truth of Plymouth Movez, we already think you are amazing person for having shown up. People will cheer you on, you will motivate others while they in turn motivate you. You show up not knowing what to expect (except maybe for PR Days, but even those feel different every time) and you push through the hard work to the finish.

You are Mahhhrvelous!

I am pretty sure if we had published that you would be doing lunges from the stairs to the Layden St benches, some of you would have let it get in your head and might not have shown up. However now that you did show up and did it, it doesn’t seem that bad (especially when you know we won’t do that same thing next week).

Remember the lunges?

We don’t take it for granted, we fully respect the trust you put in us for the workout design. We care and even when the rare time happens that someone throws their back or skins a knee, we take it to heart. We joke about safety third but we genuinely take it super seriously. We understand that anytime you move there is risk, even when sometimes they are hard to predict, but we do take it to heart if something does happen. That being said, as someone who has had a good share of injuries, we advocate taking good care so that you can come back strong.

Finally, we know your time and sleep is precious and for that reason we absolutely loved seeing so many family members working out together this morning. This is great to see and we feel super happy to see kids working out with their parents. The kind of connection this fosters is wonderful and rare. We are letting people know that what we do here at Plymouth Movez is special and fosters a greater fitness community. So in that vein, we will drop some hype about our weekend, non-morning workout, it will be all ages for both the workout and the post workout social. Boom!

Please don’t feed the animals.

See you next week friends,

A Gift to Yourself

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