With Love, Always <3

First of all, thanks to all those who read our recent write-up on the current state of our community and where we go from here. It means a lot and we love you all, equally. (We don’t have any favorite children around here.)

But more importantly, we are in the midst of a very serious situation in this country, a situation that needs to be resolved (hopefully peacefully) at some point, and each and every person’s voice matters.

Racial inequality is a real, viscous entity that rears its ugly head way more frequently than it should. Any small part we can play in speaking up and helping to make a difference is important, and I know this community is built on respect and admiration for everyone we encounter.

Let’s continue to do that and help speak up for those who face injustice. Black Lives Matter, and we will support that from our place in Massachusetts.

Today, we brought the dice back into the fold, and had six movements to choose from: squat to rotating lunge; tricep dip to table top bridge; plank step ins; squat calf raises; plank shoulder tap into sit back; and lateral lunge with knee drive.

The esteemed man rolling the dice (by sheer blind luck) distributed the numbers quite nicely, and the group had themselves a pretty hard workout.

We broke each movement down into two parts, then crushed the full exercise for 60-90 seconds.

It was nice to work hard with a good group of people.

We love this community, and we send love to all those struggling in the face of this horrible inequality.

Always with love,


A Diced-up Workout

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