Next week on July 31st is our regular PR Day with workouts at 5:00AM and 6:00AM. In addition, to close out our July Recruiting Challenge, we are taking Yearbook Photos during both workouts. Now Yearbook Photos are where we take a special picture of every person at the workouts that day. They are meant to be a gift to every one who comes to the workouts because they can be serious, badass, funny as hell, sometimes a little weird. They are also an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other’s names because we know it is hard to remember in the middle of a workout, so make sure to get your photo and tag it on Facebook so people can get to know you.

Pictures from our last Yearbook photos

Our last Yearbook Photos costume theme was #Weatherproof and we had some good fun with them. The theme for our July 31st photos will be “What I did on My Summer Vacation”. You have some time to begin thinking about what you might do. There’s a huge range of options. You can dress up as a beach bum if you just spent most of your time at the beach. We don’t really know what you do for a living, maybe you’re a spy and you can choose to come in a tuxedo with a water gun. Perhaps you ran a race in costume? The more fun you have with it the more amusing Yearbook Photo Day will be.

What did you do on your Summer Vacation?

Now this is a challenge for those who want to have fun and we encourage that, but if you are not feeling creative, that is A-Ok. Just show up, get a badass sweaty picture that will show that you are a part of us.

Also, if you have been coming and seeing all the new people getting free secret gifts and doing your best to wheel and deal to getting one too (we’re talking about you Kristin), this day will be the day you regulars can get your free gift. So make sure to show up on July 31st so you too can get your free secret gift. Haven’t seen someone in a while, send them a genuine, nice message letting them know you miss them and that they should join us. People like messages and they like to know they matter, so reach out. Even if they don’t show up, if you help people smile and feel appreciated, that is wonderful.

Safety Third?

Okay, get cracking and thinking. Come Wednesday the 24th and maybe you can talk to others and get some ideas and then we’ll see you July 31st for a special day for everyone.
See you soon,
Matt and Elin

2019 Yearbook Photo Details

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