Today was simply lovely. It is heard warming to see so many people who get it. We’re out here no matter the weather and it gets easy to figure out how to dress for any weather the more regularly you come. We will always aim to keep you working hard so you stay warm and moving and leave with memories to carry you through your day and the rest of your week.


Today was the first of what is going to be a regular thing for the next few months full of workouts with an amazing and colorful sunrise. Yes, you will struggle, you may even wish you were in your bed, but once you get moving, your heart will pump, your eyes will twinkle and your mouth is bound to crack a smile as you push through. Then on top of that you will see amazing colors in the sky that will let you know that you are living the best life. No gym will give you this kind of background, and while there is nothing wrong with a gym, it’s just not the same. Not often you can get inspired and workout at the same time, but we aim to make it happen here at Plymouth Movez.

Workout with a View

If you showed up today and didn’t yet have a free Buff, anyone who braved this weather and needed one definitely earned it. We’re not stingy and we will always be thankful to those who show up in the harder conditions.

Helle knows how to stay Buff

We also spoke about Pi. Yes, that mathematical constant, but don’t worry this isn’t homework or a test.

Let me introduce you to our friend, Pi

It has to do with Pi Day, Saturday, March 14 (3.14) because that is when our next big event is scheduled. We’re inviting you to join us on Pi Day at high noon (12:00 PM for those not versed in Cowboy speak) in Cordage Park. We will have a workout followed by a social gathering right after. The event and social is all ages, but bring money and an ID should you want to partake of food and beverages (yes there will also be adult beverages available) afterwards. Final details will be given in a separate post in the near future.

This is an opportunity for anyone who is curious about Plymouth Movez and just hasn’t been able to make during our regular times for any reason. We don’t care if you can never make it to our regular workouts, you are absolutely welcome to join us. The event just like everything we do is Free, the food and drinks are not, but that will be provided by someone else. Details of where we will end up will not be revealed until after the workout, so if you want to join for the social, come and get your sweat on.

Group Photo

Next week is PR Day with two workouts at 5:00 and 6:00 AM and we will be swapping to the Winter PR Day course below, so study and then just show up next Wednesday!
–Elin Flashman

PR Day, The Winter Edition

Pi Day – High Noon

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